Dr. Griffin’s AM General Humvee Build

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This is a Street Legal Florida Titled AM General Humvee. It has been professionally restored with only the best parts. Anything worn or in need of serious repair was scrapped and ordered new / or new old stock. This build took a total of 400 hours to complete. It is the only Humvee in the United States painted this specific color. All new hardware from the top to the bottom, including many custom touches, that make this truly a Unique Piece. This Turns heads everywhere and runs perfectly. No Overheating Bullsh*t here! It does not drive like your typical Humvee, it drives like a Suburban on the Highway! Look at the detail in every photo and you will realize how special this AM General really is! We have put a total of 110 test miles on it to ensure it truly is a turn key Monster.


The Interior was completely stripped down and carefully planned out, most if not all hardware has been replaced. Four custom mounted red stitched seats accent the interior, using all stainless/grade 8 hardware for durability. The front Seat mount was custom fabricated for easy height Adjustment. The Interior is Insulated with a Thick coat of Dark Bullet Grey Line X, we chose this as it would be durable in case you wanted to wash it out after a day in the mud. All Electrical components have been gone through and operate like they should. We opted to run both 12 volts and 24 volt charging systems for ease of use. A custom fabricated MME switch panel was installed near the light switch, this controls all of your 12-volt accessories, including the powerful Marine Wetsounds Stereo system. The System is controlled Via Bluetooth. The system was carefully installed and all wiring is gauged correctly. All Amps are fused correctly and have marine grade grommets, all wiring is neatly hidden under the passenger side seat as well. It sounds AWESOME. All of the electrical is powered by 2 Deka Mil-Spec batteries. The interior also features a Custom color matched Steering wheel with modified leads for the horn to operate. A 12-volt charging port has been added as well for long journeys. To top all of this off we modified the back seat braces with storage cubbies.


We opted to disassemble the whole chassis prior to paint. It took over 75 hours just to prep it for paint on our end. All of the Carc Paint was sanded, and all antenna holes were filled in, and any dents were massaged out. 2 parts Dupont Primer /2 parts Dupont Paint / 2 Parts Dupont clear. It looks wet! We Opted for a custom color called SLATE BULLET GREY. We replaced all the hardware with Stainless using a Permitex barrier to stop corrosion. No “Tape off” marks on this truck, we took the hood off for paint along with all accessories involved with it. Please look at the photo gallery below and see the attention to detail on the front end. All Exterior lights were replaced with LED components including the Headlights, it looks MEAN going down the road. The top and doors were ordered brand new and sent straight to paint to get a special vinyl adhesive flex paint tossed on em. All new hardware throughout for the top. We used only the best Fastenal fasteners for the doors and door mounts. The Doors can be removed in less than 5 minutes if you want to cruise to the beach or feel like getting the extra wind in your hair.  Wheels and tires were next on the list a set of new old stock BFG Military Spec 37.5s were mounted to 2-piece 24 bolt 16.5-inch wheels, these were disassembled and custom painted gloss black. We decided the AM General on the rear Tailgate needed more, so we had one of our Airbrush guys jump in and do a motion graphics American flag throughout the letters. Please take a moment to go through the gallery, bring tissues.


Powered by a 6.5l GM Diesel Motor, the torque is great, it can crawl over anything! All Fluids / Filters were replaced upon arrival to Bullet Motorsports Inc., the transmission was serviced and has zero issues. This Humvee does not leak fluids. Coolant system was gone through and flushed, Radiator was pressure tested. Its runs perfect, this is not a project Humvee.) The suspension was torn down and rebuilt and it made a world of a difference going down the road. Every Bushing has been replaced on the front end. Essentially anything with excessive wear or any play was replaced with new items. This was a very expensive process but worth it. Professionally removed the negative camber in the rear, and gave it a professional alignment, it tracks perfectly straight. It comfortably does 55-60 mph all day. Steering is tight unlike all the others, it is responsive and quite impressive. Brakes were gone through and anything that needed to be replaced was done the same month it arrived at us. We replaced many of the problematic sensors in the engine bay with new units from GM. It is ready to turn heads! All of the Portals were serviced and had no metal shavings upon initial inspection. There is so much more detail we could go into but you probably get the point.



Here is what it looked like During the Build

Dr. Griffin’s Build Progression

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