Experiencing Sebring Raceway in an SRT Viper

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This past weekend I got a chance to experience Sebring International Raceway with my friends and also ride on the track in an SRT Viper thanks to my friend David (@team_viper_racing on Instagram).  It was our first time going to Sebring so we of course had to stay at ‘Chateau Elan’ which is the on-site hotel.  The group that hosted the event was Performance Driving Group, the weather that day was perfect for racing so there was no doubt the Viper would be able to be used to its full potential.


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The group that we were in allowed for passengers but also required point-bys if someone wanted you to pass them so we couldn’t just fly by everybody, however, every car that the Viper got behind pointed us by.  The Viper is really the ultimate track car because it can corner just as well as the slower but better handling cars can and is just as fast on the straights as the more powerful cars are.  Pair that with the super sticky Hoosier tires, track suspension, the Viper’s mighty V10 powerplant, and of course David the ‘driver mod’ and you get a real force to be reckoned with on the track.



Riding in the Viper on the track was the real deal, I wore a full faced helmet, a HANS device, and a 5-point harness, I could not move at all and really only had my phone to look around with.  It was not easy to record video during the runs as the Viper is a very violent car to be in when it’s in its element.  The suspension is stiff, the steering is precise, the engine and exhaust is loud and hot, and there is absolutely zero body roll.  Sebring Raceway is not a track for novices, this was David’s first time running on the track and he was driving like it was the hundredth time.  The Viper was by far the fastest car on the track and many of the other cars running were no slouches either.  Riding in the SRT Viper at Sebring Raceway was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had and I am already looking forward to going again.

Below are more pictures and some videos of inside the Viper on the track, enjoy!


Turn 17

Video Mar 26, 3 35 26 PM

Video Mar 26, 3 47 51 PM

Video Mar 26, 3 51 11 PM


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