The History of the Ford Lightning (SVT Lightning)



Introduced as a 1993 model, the Ford SVT Lightning is a high-performance version of the F-150 produced by the Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT).

Intended as a competitor for the Chevrolet 454SS, the SVT Lightning shared much of its structure with the F-150, but extensive modifications were made to the suspension and frame in order to improve the handling. Powered by a 240 hp version of the 5.8L V8, the Lightning used the 4-speed automatic transmission from the F-350 (normally paired with the 7.5L or diesel V8s).



Though slightly slower than the discontinued GMC Syclone, the Lightning retained much of the towing and payload capacity of its F-150 counterpart. The Lightning was produced from 1993 to 1995; it was discontinued as Ford began design work on the 1997 F-150.




For 1999, the SVT Lightning returned after a three-year hiatus. As with its 1993-1995 predecessor, the design of the Lightning used the F-150 as a basis with a number of suspension modifications. Instead of a model-specific engine, the Lightning now used the 5.4L engine from the F-150; fitted with a supercharger, it produced 360 hp (increased to 380 hp in 2001). As before, the transmission was borrowed from the F-350 diesel pickups.




For the 2014 model year, Ford introduced the Tremor model of the F-150. The Tremor was released as a high-performance sport truck for street truck enthusiasts. The regular-cab Tremor is based on the style of the FX Appearance Package with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine and a 4.10 rear axle. The interior uses a console-mounted shifter, custom bucket seats and a flow-through center console not found in any other F-150. The Tremor was available in both 4×2 and 4×4. Both options feature an electronic locking rear differential and customized suspension.  The Tremor was supposed to be the successor of the Lightning and did not have nearly as big of a following as the SVT Lightning had, a total of 2230 Tremor’s were built.




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