Kanes AM General Humvee Half Door Swap-Out

This Humvee is equipped with Auburn Lockers front and rear, rolling on 20×10 XD wheels on 37.5 Cooper Discover STT Pros. Fitted with a custom air-conditioning system along with 4 passenger Best Top seating in the rear so you can fit the whole family. It lights up the sky with a set of LED Light bars on the top of the “A” Pillar and several 4×2 pods on the OE brush guard. All of the electronics are powered via Red Top Optima’s. In case of a sticky situation there is a 9500lb winch to pull your friends Ford out of that small grassy field after a light rain shower at the Kenny Chesney concert.

We Swapped out the Plan B Slant back kit for a set of MME Half Doors and matched it with a custom Black Canvas top ( More Suitable for Florida ). We also rewired many components and installed an Orion 2412 70amp converter and Marine grade Fuse block to sort out major drainage issues with the prior wiring. 




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