Vincent’s M998 Basic Build

Vincents Build out ( Basic Humvee Build )

We were contacted by Vincent to put together a Bullet Basic Build to use at River Ranch here in Florida ( a local off road haven ) He received updates throughout the process and now has a very reliable rig. It was a pleasure working with him, and we hope to do more business in the future.

Below are a few of the items that we went through:

-Full Degrease and Pressure Clean

-Four man conversion parts and hardware layout

-Removal of old components in interior, removal of radio wires and bolts

-Full service of truck, check all electrical and grounds

-All new fluids and filters

-New Glowplugs

-New Smartbox ECM

-New Glowplug controller

-Check all operating gauges and replace any inoperable units

-Portal axles inspected and resealed and or rebuild if needed

-Check differential levels and fluids ( replace seals if needed )

-New light control module

-new light control switch

-Repair crack in front fiberglass hood

-Repair cut in b pillar

-Check pitman arm and replace if needed

-New OE black seatbelts

-2 new rear oe cushion sets

-Complete Mil spec touch up ( spray whole unit in 383 Green ) then fill in Mil camo pattern

-Complete interior touch up in Rapco 383 Green

-New Camo Top

-New Camo Doors

-New Camo Rear Curtain

-New Door hardware

-New Deka Mil spec batteries

-Visible front and rear suspension touched up in Rapco flat black

-Install of front bumper with grade 8 hardware.

-Customer will bring back the unit after Airlift bumper is installed and we will place LED marker for tag.

– 30 Mile minimum test drive.

Additional requested Items:

-Full Trucklite Led Conversion

-2 new oe highback front seats

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