Worst cars from the 70’s

The 70’s, otherwise known as the Automotive Dark Ages, rising gas prices, tightening emissions and fuel economy regulations coupled with a stagnant economy, led to some of the most unappealing cars ever produced, so much so that car companies now look back and admit that the cars were a mistake to produce.  There are many cars that deserve to be in this unflattering spotlight, but we’re only going to cover 5 of them.


1. Ford Mustang Cobra II



Now, the Mustang II, in and of itself was pretty depressing, and an insult to the car that launched the pony car revolution. An over-glorified Pinto with better engine options and more weight, the Mustang II was cringe inducing even without the optional vinyl top, but the Cobra II somehow managed to be worse. The only thing that differentiates the Cobra II from a run of the mill Mustang II were the fake scoops, useless spoilers and the stickers. Lots of stickers.

2. AMC Pacer


The Pacer was more or less a gimmick car that had all sorts of unusual features, like sitting low to the ground but being wide in girth, the passenger side door being bigger than the driver’s door, etc,  and its body style has often been said to resemble an upside down bathtub on wheels. And there isn’t much you can do to make the Pacer look like a serious threat on the drag strip–no matter how many horses you put under that hood, you’re still driving a goofy-looking hatchback, or worse, the wood-paneled wagon version…

3. Plymouth Sapporo


Plymouth Sapporo – A hideous car that never sold well and looked like a Japanese import..enough said.

4. Chevy Chevette


It was small, cheap and durable with almost nothing inside.  It’s like a four-door motorcycle, and I love the fact that you can reach everything from the driver’s seat, including the rear hatch.

5. Ford Pinto


The mother of all bad cars.  This car is an abomination, with an exploding gas tank that killed thousands.  Ford actually had a radio spot that claimed, “Pinto leaves you with that warm feeling,” can you believe it?  When the Pinto was hit, the doors would crumble, trapping owners inside the burning car.  Even though Ford tested the Pinto 17, 624 times in secret, with it exploding every time, they still refused to fix it.  

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